Moving in

This afternoon I got the keys for our new flat: it’s over the road from where we live right now, a bit further from the main road but right above a play area, and we are on the top floor, which means high ceilings and no noisy neighbours dragging furniture across the floor at 2 in the morning. I’ll be sad to move out and miss our great view over Singapore, but now we’ll be looking down on trees rather than office blocks, so it’s not all bad.
When I got up this morning I felt dreadful, which I put down to exhaustion and hunger. I went to work with a stomach ache and that lasted all morning. I couldn’t face any lunch and then because of Chinese New Year there was an incredibly loud lion dance in the office. At least my stomach stopped hurting; instead I had a stress headache, that gradually metamorphosed into a migraine by the time I left to get the keys for the flat.

Oh well. After that, we went out for dinner and I had a coconut mojito. I know you shouldn’t mix alcohol with migraines, but I needed some salve, and that happened to be it. Then I bathed the kids, put La Serpiente down in minutes, and Destroyer screamed at me for half an hour until my wife came in and rescued me. And now I lie on the sofa we’ll soon say goodbye to, trying to recover my mind.

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