Moving on again

I’m staying in an AirBnB this week, but tomorrow I move to stay at my friend’s house in Ballard instead. She’s away in Colorado and needs somebody to feed her chickens, and I need somewhere to stay, so it works out pretty well.

Today I went over to learn how to maintain chickens. This is pretty easy; you put down water for them, you take away the eggs they’ve laid, and you try to usher them inside their coop for the evening so local critters don’t eat them. Chickens are remarkably attractive birds, mincing around resplendent in their feathers, bok-bok-boking to themselves. I began to fantasise about keeping my own chickens when I have a house, with fresh eggs every day.

Fresh eggs, and chicken poop, of course.

I went back to the AirBnB, packed, and then went back to my friend’s place again, this time laden with two enormous suitcases full of stuff.

I’m not as tired as I was yesterday, but I’m still quite broken. Today I had a meeting where I yawned pretty much all the way through, even when I thought I was being productive. Hopefully this is just late-onset jet lag, and by next week I’ll be operating at full power… I need more power.

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