I now seem to be fairly reliable at predicting tbe weather. For example, if I don’t wear a waterproof jacket to work, I can guarantee that it will chuck it down with rain when I go home and I’ll get soaked. Conversely when I attire myself in raincoat and stout boots, the weather will be mild and breezy, without a hint of precipitation.
I got home a bit later than usual from work (my Lyft driver 2anted to discuss etymology with me) and then I lost some time falling asleep with the girls. My wife and I then zoned out in front of the TV when we could have done more exciting things. Tomorrow I’ll remedy this by gkling swimming and the sauna. Tonight all I could manage was to empty the dishwasher.

But on we go. My refinanced mortgage is soon going to be in place, saving me 20% off every month’s payment, which is a substantial amount. As I don’t need the money for anytbing short term, at least until we purchase a car, I can use it to further reduce the mortgage, bringing in the possibility that the house might be paid for before I’m 73. These kittle things that content me…

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