My Fair Lady

My girls had a birthday party to attend today, which was a welcome distraction with school being closed for a teacher training day. My wife accompanied them and I stayed at home to work, before taking the afternoon off to work on the house.
In the evening, we made the girls watch My Fair Lady. As expected, this was met with complaints that it was boring, had too much talking, or too much singing, until about half way through, when ‘Enry ‘Iggins and Eliza Doolittle go to the races, which left La Serpiente chortling at the dialogue and in love with the hats.

They went to bed soon after, and I faffed around while my wife napped, watching a free Bond movie and letting my brain gradually ooze from my head. I’ve been reading Brian Stableford’s Empire Of Fear, which is a great vampire novel, but a bit much for my brain right now.

Onwards, to the weekend…

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  1. Brian Stableford was in my year at York University but I don’t really remember him. I think Clare knew him so perhaps he was reading Biology

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