My foot!

The following is a bit revolting, so don’t read on if you don’t like tales of infection and gunk.

I’ve had a really sore foot for a couple of days now (painful to walk on) so today, without it improving, my wife made me go see a doctor. Our regular doctor is out of town so I went to an urgent care provider, which is a small shop in the middle of Ballard filled with medical practitioners.
She looked at it and pronounced it to be initially athlete’s foot, with a secondary bacterial infection. So just daubing it with anti fungal cream wouldn’t cure the problem. I got antibiotics and instructions to keep it dry and clean, and then she swabbed it to have a sample so they can verify if it’s infected or not. There was the choice of doing this, or lancing it.

Well, swabbing it was quite painful, but released whatever gunk was stuck in there, so that may have saved me going back to have it lanced in a few days. I went and bought Epsom salt to soak it in, and ten hours later it’s already feeling better than it did before. If I’m lucky, I can walk tomorrow!

This evening I drove to Puyallup to see a friend. On the way down I saw the sunset reflected off Mount Rainier, a staggeringly beautiful sight. Then I drove through a massive bong cloud, or at least there’s a patch of the motorway north of Puyallup that smells like people are getting stoned like champions. But everyone needs a hobby, right?

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