My teeth hurt

I’d forgotten, because it has been over a month, that when you change from one Invisalign aligner to the next one, there’s at least a couple of days of misery as your teeth begin to be realigned again and you’re left feeling sore when you take the aligners out, sore when you put them back in again, sore, sore, sore. It doesn’t last forever, but this particular set are particularly uncomfortable. Oh well, I brought it on myself.

Meanwhile, the house proceeds: we bow have siding on half the side of the staircase, so it’s looking dangerously close to being finished – although drywalling isn’t scheduled for almost another month. So we’re perilously close to being done, yet still a long way away.

I called the Hyundai dealership, they told me there’s a year long waiting list for the car I want. But then they told me that I might get moved up in the queue as a loyal customer. I doubt many people buy a car every three months…

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