My throbbing head

My wife, feeling merciful, let me sleep in this morning, but my children, without any concept of mercy, had a screaming competition first thing that went on until 10am,when we went outside and drank coffee.
Maybe there’s something about the house that makes them crazy. I walked them over to the bakery and got a pain au chocolat, and they were mild and well behaved, although an idiot on a bicycle almost ran over Destroyer as he pedalled along a footpath.

We got home, they went crazy again. After watching today’s Malaysian MotoGP race, my wife couldn’t cope with the screaming any more and locked herself away to have a nap. I made the girls watch videos about abdominal exercises, and then broke down and let them watch ‘Lava’. And of course then I broke down in tears, which is at least better than all the green or yellow foulness issuing from my sinuses.

Somehow, and I’m not sure how, or if this was at all wise, I went climbing this afternoon. I don’t recall if I did anything I haven’t done before, but I was at least back to doing 17s and not feeling utterly weak. Tried a one armed pull up, that was… Interesting.

The girls fell asleep super quickly tonight, so perhaps all the screaming wore them out. At least I can rest now and hopefully recover…

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