New bicycle

La Serpiente outgrew her old bike a little while ago, and she’s been pressing me for a bike with gears so she can ride up the dire hills of Seattle, so at lunchtime today I took her to the bike shop where they’d been preparing her new ride.

As the guy at the shop said, even with her wearing her mask you could see she was grinning. So a success!

It’s a 20" wheeled mountain bike from Jamis, in a lovely shade of purple, with a adult sized handlebar, six derailleur gears on the back and a grip shifter. The brake levers are a little bit big for her, so we need to get those adjusted, and she’s taking a while to get used to gears, but both her and I are very happy with it.

It’s a bit longer than the old bike, which I think should be more comfortable. I have some reflective stickers and such to put on it to make it more visible, and we’ve been debating whether to get a kickstand for it or not. I don’t like them – more clutter and weight – but perhaps practicality will win out. Let’s see what the lady wants.

Of course, if La Serpiente has a bike, and her old one is maybe too heavy for Destroyer to learn on, maybe we’re buying another bike soon. Then I either persuade my wife back onto two wheels, or she rides on the back of the cargo bike. Let’s see…

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