New routines

After a day of work that was stop and start (various interruptions to help with the children, intermittent arguments with databases that left me more confused than enlightened, and phone calls where you can’t figure iut if somebody is being deliberately obtuse or you’re not explaining things clearly enough) my wife fed me an incredible curry, and we took the kids for a walk before bedtime.
I had hoped to take them cycling, and La Serpiente had hoped for this too, reacting to the prospect of a walk with tears and wailing. When we eventually got her outside, she forgot, and then she also forgot to demand dessert when we got home. On the other hand, it was another 90 minute odyssey to get her to go to sleep, so my plan to work less in the day and more at night is not going so well.

I also need to do more exercise for myself. I have no routine right now: with my fitness club closed for the foreseeable future, no swimming. No running for now, or climbing. I need to start doing sit ups, press ups, something to keep my body in some state of usefulness.

Oh, and sleep more. Why do I keep going to bed so late? Let earlier nights and calmer days be my new routine.

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