New shoes: Brooks Launch 3

After five months of them languishing in a cupboard, I’m finally putting these beauties on tomorrow and taking them for a run. I was seduced by their blinged up colours while I was at a pop-up running shop in Menlo Park in the summer, and now, with my battered Lunarglide 4s reaching the end of their lifetime, it’s time to let these take a turn.

I might have worm them earlier, but they’re almost too lovely to smudge with dirt. I mean, look at them: the laces have gold tips, for goodness’ sake. Maybe they’re intended to make you run faster because there’s a mob behind you of people enraged by the shininess of your shoes. (There are other colourways available, apparently, which don’t commemorate the US going to the Olympics in 2016, but only the Blingy McBlingfaces were at the shop.)

I caught myself in the Nike shop at the weekend, idly fingering the edge of a pair of brand-new running shoes, but then I had to stop myself – there was no conscionable way I could drop $200 on a new pair of shoes when I had another pair, unworn, waiting back home. It was a struggle (I’m loyal to my Nikes) but it was Christmas, after all. Presents before shoes.

So tomorrow at first light, they’re off for an hour’s run around Marina Bay, my proving ground for the last few days. Then when I get home we’re going to the Canadian consulate to renew Destroyer’s passport. I’ll report back at the weekend whether these new shoes have crippled me or not.

I was also busy shopping today: I bought a big barrel of protein today, on the basis that with the next twelve-and-a-half weeks of hard exercise, I may need to top up my protein stores a little, and while I was at it, I followed the advice of my latest book and bought some creatine pills as well. These are meant to improve the adenosine triphosphate energy cycle in your mitochondria (I did pay attention in GCSE biology, all those years ago) so for the next four weeks I’ll be scoffing two mint flavoured horse pills every day until I’m full of creatine, and we can hope that makes me run faster and break down less. Ah, the joys of supplements and vanilla flavoured whey isolate.

I also went to a coffee shop today and ordered a piece of chocolate tart. The first mouthful was unpleasantly squidgy (it looked like it would be a decent, dense piece of chocolate) but I’m glad I stopped there as my wife pointed out the colony of mould growing on the rest of the tart. It’s sometimes a struggle not to throw up in front of your daughters. Do they realise the sacrifices we back? Do they hell…

And so to bed. Boh kids were resistant to sleep today (Destroyer took until 9:30, La Serpiente until almost ten) so I hope that means they won’t muck about tonight. A fragile hope at best.

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