New things and old things

This morning we drove over to Mercer Island, home of very rich people, so the girls could play on a dragon in a playground. This made them happy, as did getting McDonalds for La Serpiente, a treat she demands every three months. Or that we deny for every three months until we relent, I guess.
In the afternoon we parked the girls with a babysitter and went climbing at the newest climbing wall in Seattle, just up the road from us. I had expected it to be easier than Seattle Bouldering Project, somehow, and although the routes were shorter, they seemed much harder; most hardly anything was possible, and what I could do I found quite scary. For my wife, not blessed with my reach, there was even less to do; I guess we miss Singapore, where the learning curve was less "trivial and then impossible" and more stuff in between. But perhaps it’s just another style of routes I need to get used to. Or I need to sleep more.

In the evening, we called Vancouver and drank a hell of a lot of cider. Possibly too much. But then tomorrow is Sunday …

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