Nice weather for ducks

It rained today. It rained all day. In the morning, the buildings in the Central Business District were invisible from the window of our flat. I walked to work wearing shorts and waterproof shoes, and though I had a huge golf umbrella, my shoulders still got soaked with rain. And it didn’t stop. All morning there was the constant rustle and whizz of vehicles splashing along the road outside. And then it rained all afternoon, turning to drizzle as the evening came in.

This isn’t normal for Singapore. Usually things are much more organized: the sky turns black, there’s a clap of thunder, the world appears to end in a flood of Biblical proportions, and ten minutes later the weather goes back to ‘normal’, or as normal as constant blazing sunshine and humidity can be. Then you know if it’s rained in the morning, there’s no chance it will rain in the evening, and you can lollop around without an umbrella for the rest of the day.

Today though, just rain and rain and rain. Now, it’s not like I work outside, digging holes in the road or whatnot. I inhabit an air conditioned office which doesn’t flood much any more, now the drains have finally been unblocked. A heavy bout of precipitation should mean very little to me. But still, the feeling that there isn’t sunshine outside to gambol in doesn’t make me feel happier with my lot, staring at a computer screen and making numbers go up and down. Constant rain just suggests there’s nothing better outside, and that the world is entirely grey. Which will make anyone gloomy.

Unless you really, really like the color grey.

It must be worse for one of my colleagues: just back today from San Francisco, without any sunlight to help alleviate her jetlag. We discussed whether the lights in the office were helping, but I think they’re about as much use for resetting your circadian rhythms as jamming your head in the photocopier and running off a thousand copies.

Despite the rain, I went out for a run this evening with the guy who sits next to me, and perhaps because it was so cool, we did 10k in well under 50 minutes, and the first 5k in about 23 minutes. Given I’ve been so slipshod with training for the past few months, I’m pretty pleased with that, although probably I should have got home earlier to fulfill my baby duties. Walking home, I passed a stage being set up outside in the middle of the road, where they seemed to be playing on a continuous loop what sounded like terrible Christian rock music. If they’d been raised listening to reggae instead, and decided to have a go at that. Apparently that same tune had been played all afternoon, and most of this evening, somehow immune to the weather.

Having been for a run, all the stress of today has mercifully departed. That might be because I’m now too tired to even contemplate thinking of financial models, or get angry at evangelical bogling, but it’s a release regardless, and thus something to be thankful for.

And, at last, the rain has stopped. I wonder if it’s just girding its loins for tomorrow’s onslaught.

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