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  • Stuck in transit again

    It was raining hard at Hong Kong. The descent was bumpy enough that I heard people crying out in fear, and although the usual miracle of commercial flight meant we landed safely, the heavy weather was causing lots of delays. In particular, the Air Canada jet that’s taking me to Canada arrived late, and that […]

  • Nothing Day

    Today I felt exhausted, and I suspect this was something to do with drinking coffee yesterday. I’m on medication that requires me to accompany it with an acidic drink (coffee, or orange juice, or Coke) which goes against the diet I’ve been trying to follow, and seems to have thrown off my sleep quality as […]

  • Eclipse

    My wife looked out the window today and remarked on how dark it was. The light was strange: a blue sky, devoid of clouds and yet still everything was overcast. La Serpiente sensed something was wrong and refused to get in the lift, delaying things so that when the doors did close with us inside, […]

  • Where did all the buildings go?

    We went to the zoo today, and when we came home, all exhausted and soaked with sweat from staring at different animals, my wife, my child and I all went to sleep. I woke first, and looked out the window to see incoming clouds. At 3:32pm and 25 seconds, this is what I could see […]

  • Back from Hong Kong

    We got up early this morning and swiftly left the hotel, leaving the Handy phone behind. The Handy phone was a wondrous thing to have. It may have only been a fairly cheap Alcatel Android phone superglued into an orange rubbery case, but it was indeed incredibly handy. Yes, the interface could be a little […]

  • Let it snow

    I got up this morning, stuffed all my dirty shirts, underpants and socks into my suitcase, and went down to the lobby of the hotel to enjoy for the last time the WiFi network that didn’t actually connect to the internet, and the complimentary rubber croissants they served for breakfast. Outside, a flurry of snow […]

  • No hay mal tiempo, solo mama ropa

    I had a Spanish lesson today, so after a sluggish run and a cappuccino, I went over to Bugis to stuff more words into my brain. Today’s lesson was on holidays and weather; being British, the intersection of Spanish, holidays and weather is two weeks in Alicante getting a terminal case of sunburn while eating […]

  • I can’t stand the rain

    I was caught out by the rain again today. The skies turned black at five to six this evening, and then began to pour. I borrowed an umbrella but it was pointless; the wind was blowing the rain in waves down the street, soaking my trousers, and within a few moments the pavement was at […]

  • Ice Cold In Beckenham

    One of the most overlooked benefits of living in Singapore has to be the temperature. Yes, it may be dull that every day is 30 degrees, and the constant humidity, as though we all live in the armpit of a man wearing one too many overcoats, is a little galling, but back in Beckenham I’m […]

  • Nice weather for ducks

    It rained today. It rained all day. In the morning, the buildings in the Central Business District were invisible from the window of our flat. I walked to work wearing shorts and waterproof shoes, and though I had a huge golf umbrella, my shoulders still got soaked with rain. And it didn’t stop. All morning […]