Nothing Day

Today I felt exhausted, and I suspect this was something to do with drinking coffee yesterday. I’m on medication that requires me to accompany it with an acidic drink (coffee, or orange juice, or Coke) which goes against the diet I’ve been trying to follow, and seems to have thrown off my sleep quality as a result. Which means I wake up in the mornings groggy and confused, and feel I need another coffee to get me going. So I tried not having one today, and lo and behold … I didn’t feel great.
Perhaps it was my failure to read any books today. I got a bit further through The Dirtiest Race In The World, but didn’t finish it, and I know the ending anyway, with steroid-enhanced Ben Johnson and all.

Or perhaps it was the weather. There’s been a couple of short thunderstorms today (including one rumbling on right now) and the air pressure does terrible things for my brain.

But I can’t complain. In the mail today I received matching Peppa Pig pyjamas for both my daughters. I may be incapable of stringing together a coherent sentence, but I have these:

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