Where did all the buildings go?

We went to the zoo today, and when we came home, all exhausted and soaked with sweat from staring at different animals, my wife, my child and I all went to sleep. I woke first, and looked out the window to see incoming clouds.

At 3:32pm and 25 seconds, this is what I could see from my window:

A minute and three seconds later, I could see this:

And 20 seconds later, it looked like this:

13 seconds later, it looked like this and I had to shut the window to stop our living room from being flooded.​

Five minutes later, Singapore was basically invisible:

​So I decided to go back to bed, but at that point the thunder / the sound of God moving furniture upstairs started, and La Serpiente Aquatica Negra woke up and began to freak out.

Don’t worry though – within three hours, it looked like this again:

Isn’t weather in the tropics grand?

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