Night before birthday….

Twas the night before La Serpiente’s birthday; while my wife made the cake, I wrapped presents and then hid them around the AirBnb. La Serpiente asked for her presents to be in a trail as she came out of the bedroom, but I think I’ve gone one better, with seven different presents stashed around the house, each with a rhyming clue to help her find the next one.

That, or I’ve gone off my rocker as I need to think of something else for Destroyer for next Wednesday…

This weekend we move out of the AirBnb and into the house where we’re spending a month bunnysitting. I’m looking forward to having a bit more space again, having doors that open and close, all the good stuff. We visited the house today to check in on details and it’s all simple stuff, especially as the husband is an architectural lighting consultant, so the whole house is wired with motion sensitive switches. We won’t have to lift a finger!

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