Night manoeuvres

I couldn’t sleep well last night; it took me until 2 to get to sleep, and at 4 I woke, sandwiched between both girls, and boiling hot from having both of them pressed up close against me. I went to La Serpiente’s bed and tried to sleep there, but couldn’t go back to sleep, and ended up down on the sofa, awake until the sun came up.
That left me for the whole day shambling and cranky. I had to take a nap at midday because I was losing the ability to think. That helped a bit, but it was pushing uphill all day.

At least the girls went to sleep fairly quickly. I passed out, cuddled up to La Serpiente, and woke again about 8:40, leaving me time to catch up with email and think about things, and then La Serpiente woke up again and took my wife another hour to get her back down.

And now she wakes again. Wish me luck…

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