Night swimming

I mucked about and played a few games of Blood Bowl tonight, then finally, after 12pm, took myself off to the pool for a swim.
I was surprised and pleased to find that after not swimming for over a week, I cane back to it more consistent and more fluid than before. It took me under 24 minutes to swim 18 laps this time, and I feel I was much more relaxed. I was also able to pause for shorter times between laps; previously I’d need 45 seconds to recover between each one, whereas tonight it was 30 seconds and go again, and again, and again. Now I can start to play with things like speeding up my inhalations, and trying for more time underwater between breaths.

I wonder if I need a swim coach yet, or if I wait until I can swim 18 laps continuously. (At this speed, I’d be doing that in about 12 minutes, so twice as fats as I manage it now… That could be some way away.)

This was my second day of working from home. Because of corona virus worries, the office is on voluntary work from home status until April, which makes picking up the girls from school easier, but concentrating on work more difficult. I think I’ll have to set myself up with a desk and a monitor in a cubby hole somewhere in the house soon, to stop all kinds of ergonomic disaster. That, or work from the basement.

Anyway, to bed, proud of what I’ve achieved…

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