No boat trip

We woke late today, rushed to the ferry terminal at Edmonds for the 11:30am sailing, and arrived at 11:15 at the back of the queue. It wasn’t clear if we’d make it or if we’d have to wait until the 1:30pm ferry, so rather than risk sitting in the car for two and a half hours, we left the line and drove up to a park in Lynnwood, where the girls frolicked for an hour or so before we drove back down and got lunch in Fremont.
We headed home and I dropped off my wife, then took the girls over to a school playground on 78th, where there was lots of smooth asphalt for them to skate on. As usual, to begin with Destroyer wanted to hold my hand, but within a few minutesthey were boldly whizzing about quite independently of me.

La Serpiente made friends with a seven year old girl who was just learning to skate (it’s ludicrous to compare her speed and confidence to anyone who’s just beginning and making tentative steps) and after about an hour there, we went home and had dinner. We bought milk from the supermarket yesterday and left it in a friend’s fridge, and then forgot to get it today, so this evening, after spending two hours painting trophies for the tournament on Saturday, I drove to Safeway to buy more milk, and stock up on cereal.

It feels like 2020 again; supply chain issues are biting at random, and the shelves were almost bereft of cereal, and also of milk. Well, I got the last bottle of organic 2%. Hopefully this is a function of the recent spike in infections and as Omicron diminishes again, things get back to normal. At least we have enough toilet paper for a few days’ yet…

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