No crying over spilt chocolate milk

I went climbing this evening, getting in 45 minutes just before the wall closed. I couldn’t do any new things vs last Sunday, and I was a bit less elegant at what I had done last week. Then I rode home in a rainstorm, and now I am tired.
There was a teacher training day today so the girls were off school. I made them walk with me to get coffee, and they decided to race, and then La Serpiente tripped and cut her hand, but after an initial few tears was very stoic. We went home, dressed her wound and then we went out again, this time on my bike, and I bought them both hot chocolate.

Destroyer was startled by a mailman and dropped most of hers, soaking my foot, and I thought she was going to have a meltdown, but she was surprisingly controlled. What is going on with my kids?

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