No late night swimming

We shopped for new shoes for the girls today so they could go hiking tomorrow, although that plan is out because Destroyer bruised her toe jumping around the tree house at the REI store where we were shopping.
After that, we took them to the Seattle Art Museum, where I get free entry through work, and the kids ignored all the art in favour of demanding snacks (half an hour after lunch). We drove them home, they were OK for a while, then Destroyer had an epic meltdown, hitting and biting and screaming for at least an hour. She went to sleep quickly though.

Finally, I had the chance to go feed my friend’s cats and then go to my sports club to swim. The Olympic Fitness Club is open 24 hours a we, except it’s shut from 9pm to 5pm on weekend nights. So no swimming for me. I got to go home instead and play Blood Bowl, which is some kind of victory, isn’t it? The fitness plan starts tomorrow, then…

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