No lingering aftereffects apart from lingering

I woke up this morning, took the kids to school and then went back to bed, thinking I’d nap for an hour or two. I woke a few times, but didn’t get out of bed until 2:30, feeling a bit groggy and dehydrated, my arm really sore where I’d been injected, but otherwise pretty fine. I spent the rest of the afternoon quite sluggish, following the girls to the playground or reading a story about unicorns with them, but by and large I appear to have dodged the nastier side effects of the vaccine.

Well, I hope so; let’s wait until we know what tomorrow brings.

As a result of this, I have little else to report today. I haven’t drunk a coffee since Wednesday morning so maybe this is an opportune moment to give up caffeine for a short while. Or maybe that’s a very stupid idea and I should keep some stimulation in my life.

Now to bed: it’s the usual early start for school tomorrow, and I can only hope after this mega sleep today that I can get off again without a struggle…

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