Nocturnal activities

I was tempted to spend my evening playing Blood Bowl, but my wife persuaded me I should go climb instead, to clear my head and relax. So I took an Uber south to Seattle Bouldering Project and set to on the wall.
Things weren’t as relaxing as I’d hoped, because the walls were crowded, and worse, every other person seemed to be working for Amazon or Facebook and bemoaning project delays or coworkers they didn’t get on with. Talk of engineers and projects was hardly a respite from the day to day of working life. So I tried to yank myself up increasingly harder problems, with some success and some failure.

The grading is still inconstant. There was a green (V1-V2) that was just impossible, and a purple (V2-V3) that was just a ladder of jugs to yank yourself up (I guess the 20 degree overhang makes it challenging if you lack brute strength). So there were some things I could do and some things I could not. Perhaps that makes me stronger.

I tried dangling from the chin up bar at one point and only managed 45 seconds (it felt like a minute) so I knew I was broken by then. By 9:45 the cFe had sold out of cookies and muffins, so I disconsolately left, making my way home by another Uber.

Got home, couldn’t find any Blood Bowl to play. Is that a positive?

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