Normal service resumed

Tonight, after trying to read through a book designed for 7-8 year olds, La Serpiente decided she wanted to cuddle up to me after all. Until she realised that my armpits stank from climbing, at which point she recoiled and then demanded I go apply some deodorant.
She fell asleep straight after that. Destroyer held on a little longer. I was dozing off when she demanded that I do something about her itchy backside, and then she fell asleep too, and I spent the rest of the evening pottering around.

Tomorrow is the kids’ end of year concert, a space-themed extravaganza where they sing a Rihanna song as the closing number, and Destroyer may be dressed up as an asteroid. (These are the things I glean from conversations with my children on the walk to school.)

So I’m excited about that, but also a bit exhausted (I may have overdid it at climbing today). So we will see how Friday goes…

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