Not feeling so hot

After work today I went to a nice restaurant in Palo Alto with my tea had a bit of salad and some vegetables, and then got a lift back to my hotel from my boss, in his Tesla.
Which would have been pleasant, were it not for suddenly getting a migraine and a massive feeling of nausea as soon as I got in the car. Was it exhaustion? Food poisoning?The poor road surfaces and the acceleration of the Tesla? Whatever it was, I spent an unhappy 30 minutes in the back seat of the car, crammed next to two co workers, praying I didn’t vomit all over my boss’s car.

Yeah, that was a nice finish to the night.

Lying in bed in my hotel room, trying not to move or think, I feel a little better now. I hope I haven’t reached a point in life where I spend all my time feeling sick, but who knows?

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  1. My new Chinese student lodger won’t eat all sorts of food, such as carrots (the taste is too strong) and chicken. Salad is another thing I served up by mistake. Maybe she’s got the right idea.

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