Not getting up to much

I’m now back up to double figures for pull ups. It does take me all day to get there, but I did 12 today, and probably could have done more.
Sadly that was the only thing I felt I achieved today, apart from getting the kids to walk to school and back. It was one of those days where I was infected with lassitude, and just couldn’t dredge up the energy to get a lot done. There are good days, and there are bad days.

After two nights of watching the Great British Bake Off, I realise that I can’t do any more of it. I love cakes and baking, and I like the idea of watching people bake, but it’s so stressful to watch that it’s more than my little heart can take. I had entertained notions that the girls might like to watch it, but seeing their father close to a heart attack over a stranger’s fondant icing is not a great family hobby.

Still, I got both kids to bed in half an hour tonight, with my wife having a well deserved break. So I suppose I did achieve a few things, after all. On to tomorrow!

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