Not going to Idaho

We’d planned to drive to Idaho this weekend, where my realtor was letting us stay at her condo. On the way to pick up our rental car, my wife called to say the dates had been confused, and we had the condo for the first week of September. So so much for getting out of town … I never liked potatoes anyway.
Somebody else who isn’t going to Idaho is the crow that flew into the transformer up the street, shorting out the power for several houses and also being electrocuted. So, we might not be going to Idaho, but were also not dead yet. Thank heavens for small mercies.

Waking from last night’s booze and bison today, we were all suffering a bit. In the afternoon, once I had the car, I drove the girls up to an REI to pick up some freezer packs for the cooler. That we had purchased to keep food cool on the way to Idaho. All roads lead back to slight frustration.

Anyway, we have a white Ford Fusion for a week, to drive around in, do the grocery shopping, and look for the Giant Eggie of Discovery Park. More on that as I get the girls close to it …

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