Not in the dark

My electrician chum came over today and identified why I had no power to the outlets in the basement, so after a morning of using my neighbour’s extension cable, from the external outlet on my house and through a window into my office, I can now have everything plugged into the walls, which is super handy.

We also got the lighting cans in the kitchen installed (so we now have eight, not four), tidied up the wiring in the bathroom and sorted out some light switches in the basement so I can turn lights on and off. There was some oddness (at one point, the light in the storage room would control the lights in the hallway, which we did not want, but now that is sorted, and the electrical panel is ready to be labeled up. Well, one of the electrical panels as we have two, and one still has a selection of slightly mysterious breakers…

Meanwhile, I’ve made a start on my second attempt at 3d printing. This time, I’m printing 6 smaller squigs, rather than one enormous one, and hoping this is more successful. It’s chugging away again in the under-porch, and this time it’s scheduled to complete in 3 hours, not five. Finishing at 2am is still not optimal for checking up on, but we can fine tune that (in the future, I hope to be starting prints earlier in the evening…)

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