Not knowing quite when to stop

I went to see my wife’s physio today, and she worked my neck over, pointed out I had terrible posture, and applied ice for fifteen minutes. I dozed off, because it doesn’t matter how much it hurts when I get massaged, if I’m lying down with my eyes shut I will go to sleep.
The weather has been glorious – it’s only our second March in Seattle so I don’t know if a week of sunshine is normal or not – but apparently it gets miserable at the weekend. We’ve made plans for Daddy Daughter Day – this time I have La Serpiente, and we’re going climbing, so I hope my neck holds up.

This evening we had our usual pizza, but us adults had Thai food from a new place that was maybe a bit too spicy for me. I also imagine the two of us drinking a bottle of cider wasn’t so great as we were both wrecked afterwards. My wife was asleep on the sofa by 9; I went upstairs and had three consecutive losses at Blood Bowl. I guess playing Cyberpunk has spoiled me a bit. I had some poor dice, my opponents seemed to have great dice (although that said, nobody was without disaster) and I should have stopped after the first loss. But onwards, ever onwards. I haven’t played for a few weeks and it seems bad habits have remained while my learnings have dropped off – it would be nice not to lose quite so much so often though.

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