Not learning the right things

I went climbing this morning – it’s a good way to start Friday, but I now regret stopping for a coffee beforehand. I should have just climbed for an hour and been at my desk by 9:30.

On the other hand, I had no calls this morning so I had the singular joy of sitting in my underpants reading emails. You don’t get to do that in the office.

Well, I guess you could and then you wouldn’t be working in the office much longer.

I took the girls on a long walk up to Phinney Ridge this afternoon. The sun was shining, they had ice lollies, I was going out of my mind stressing about work, and visa applications, and tax forms, and a million other things. Hopefully things work themselves out, but I feel like this year I’m lacking concrete goals to work to, or at least ones that feel meaningful. There’s lots to do outside of work, but I also feel like I’m spinning my wheels somewhat. The Next Big Thing must be something out there…

In the evening, we watched half an hour of the Prince Caspian movies, then Destroyer got in a rage that it was bedtime, and then I spent the evening playing Blood Bowl when I should really be painting Blood Bowl pieces for my next tournament (whenever that is) or going to sleep. When will I learn?

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