Not not a school day

"It’s not a school day" Destroyer protested, refusing to get out of bed at seven this morning. To be fair, the day started grey and cold, good reasons to stay in bed, but it was still Thursday and she needed to get up and have breakfast. Our standoff lasted until we were almost late, and then I rushed the kids to school.
My neck improves and the day got sunnier, so we’re on an upward trajectory, I guess. It’s still not where I want it to be but I can go to the gym tomorrow and ride a bicycle for half an hour, hoping that improves things further, and the horse pill sized medicine is working.

Plus my wife went out and bought some THC, which also helps. Tomorrow I have a zombie apocalypse movie to watch, and a day of work to do while trying to stay lying down. It’s going to be awesome. Still a school day, Destroyer…

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