Not quite so lazy Sunday

I slept in, a luxury while the girls are away, and then had a few hours of running around, collecting snacks and water for the homeless camp and then driving down there. Although the heat has lessened slightly, it’s still very hot. I have the luxury of air conditioning but not everyone is similarly blessed.
When I folded down the seats to transport my new bike home on Saturday, I couldn’t get them to latch back into place and was worried I’d have to drive back to Everett to get it sorted, but consulting the internet told me the solution was just to slam the seat back harder than you’d think to be prudent. This worked fine – apparently the latches are very stiff when new. Still not sure that’s a design feature I like.

In the late afternoon, I got a game of Blood Bowl in, and it was one of those enjoyable ones where things went right enough to feel successful, but enough didn’t go my way that it wasn’t a walkover. My rats now enter the season proper with two wins and a loss, adequate preparation for the impending carnage.

Then prep for returning to work tomorrow: packing my bag, doing the dishes that I’ve been neglecting, getting an early night. On to the next big adventure!

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