Not so lazy Sunday

This morning I woke up hugging La Serpiente, which was a nice way to start the day, preferable to being woken up by La Serpiente talking incessantly at me. She really wanted to cycle to the local coffee shop on 80th, but as I had to rush to Bellevue I forced her to go in the car with me instead, much to our mutual chagrin.
I was heading to Bellevue for the inaugural match of our new Blood Bowl league. This was made more difficult by a bug within Google Maps, where it would only say the first half of any navigation instruction. As in "In half a mile, at the fork…" That’s not how tech ology helps you!

Anyway, I made it to Bellevue without crashing, had a very odd game of Blood Bowl (my team are ungainly and violent, his team were agile and fast, and at the end his entire team were injured or knocked out, and I still lost 1-0). I went home to entertain the children.

We went to the Market, bought cider. We went to the library, where I discovered I can borrow 50 books at one time. We went to the supermarket to buy fruit, and the girls yelled at me until I let them both ride the trolley at the same time.

Then home, put on the TV, went to the office, collected a monitor so I can work from home more effectively, went home agai, put them to bed, went drinking, and now it’s bedtime. And I didn’t even mention the clocks going forward an hour…

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