Not sure what I did with my day

Today was another strangely gruelling day, where I struggled to get anything done. Things accelerated as the day went on, so by the end of it I’d achieved some things, but most of it was spent sitting in a chair doubting my existence.
After a sequence of meetings, I bribed or threatened the girls until they agreed to ride out to the cliffs with me. We had to stop at a cafe to buy them treats, and I veered between being cross at their lassitude and trying to remember that none of us are at our best when we’re hungry. We ate, came home, they raced around a bit and then in the evening I read another chapter of The Colour Of Magic to La Serpiente and Destroyer, and I’m still not sure if they enjoy it or not. They’ll have some big words to use though.

My wife fell asleep in her chair, I played some more Blood Bowl, I got in a 25 minute run.. So some things got achieved today. Was it enough? I really don’t know.

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  1. We are trying to set ourselves mini goals. We’ve graduated from the kids 30 minute session PE with Joe Wicks to a more manageable 10 minute session for age challenged folks

  2. Sounds a pretty good day. The idea of getting things done reminds me of your Spanish lessons as I am trying to learn it. I have a friend who talks to me and texts me in Spanish and at the moment I’m doing an hour or two of Duolingo a day but it feels like I am getting nowhere at all. I think there are some activities that absorb huge amounts of time and make you feel like that (such as persuading children to do things).

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