Not too much stronger

I overdid it on the pull ups yesterday – my strength has increased faster than the durability of my hands, and so I have a slight blister on my left ring finger, which precludes things like wearing a ring and doing pull ups. Oh well, I guess that’s a sign I could do with a rest.
I got to pick up my daughters’ school photos today, which look very cute, as well as the video from their school concert, which meant I had the opportunity to watch my eldest sing (or mime) to Rewrite The Stars, and get all weepy again. To overcome this I played another game of Blood Bowl, reverting to my losing ways by rushing forwards in a typically exuberant manner, but forgetting to actually pick up the ball. Never mind. At least each extra game gives me the chance to acquire money to buy new players. Well, fake money, but then the players aren’t real either.

I really must get around to packing soon. Well, packing more than just my climbing shoes, the girls’ Christmas stockings, and a random present or two…

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