Not worth the candle

My wife gave me a scented candle for our anniversary, a ginger and citron smell that was pretty nice, although the flame seemed quite smoky compared to other candles I’ve had. Still, that was fairly irrelevant because mid afternoon, just as I got on a call with my bank, I managed to somehow knock the candle over, spilling hot wax all over my desk and into my keyboard.
It could have been a lot worse; I might have had it on my lap or set myself on fire. And I have a spare keyboard so I was only picking dried wax from my main keyboard for fun and satisfaction, rather than because I needed to. The old keyboard is pretty much dead though.

It does smell of lemon and ginger, if that’s any solace.

Meanwhile the candle survived, and now the flame seems to burn cleaner. Sometimes you just need to make sacrifices, it turns out. Of electronic goods. Maybe that’s what was wrong with shamanism in the past or something – they needed more Bluetooth to communicate with their gods …

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