Nothing day

It rained a lot today. In the morning, I got Destroyer to accompany me to Maple Leaf, on the other side of the I-5 highway, to pick up some charity donations, and then the two of us went home to find soft toys and rollerskates the girls wanted.

After that, I had to clear off sharpish to drive down to south Seattle to the camps that we assist with. I was the only person able to make it out today, so there was only so much I could help with; distributing the donated supplies, handing out some extra food I’d picked up.

It was raining, which made it slightly bleaker. The second place I visited there were three men sat on an old couch under a half collapsed awning, trying to cook food in a wok over an open fire. There were some more clothes to pass out, a continuous trickle of rain, and a fair amount of gloom. Then I got back in my warm, comfortable car and drove back to Maple Leaf, where the biggest concern I had was the terrible grilled cheese sandwich I purchased at a hipster cafe, and then drove home to see the family.

The girls had gone a bit manic from being cooped up in the rain all day, but were surviving (just). I put them to bed with more of Three Men In A Boat, then wasted a few hours peering at the internet, punctuated by a trip to Safeway to buy dental floss. So that was Sunday.

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