Nothing much to report

It was my turn to put the girls to bed tonight, and they were actually quite well behaved. I was in a bad mood, which I realised after I woke up was because I was tired. I managed to get La Serpiente to sleep quickly, then I think I woke up, groggily realising she’d drooled on my arm, and Destroyer was demanding to be taken to the toilet.

When I got her back to the bed, La Serpiente had flopped all over the mattress to occupy all available space. I gingerly rearranged her, making sure not to wake her up, and then Destroyer was swiftly asleep.[more] That meant I had the time to play two more games of Blood Bowl with my ragged goblin team, losing 3-0 to one of the top-ranked players on the site, and then going 4-0 down against some elves who dodged around my goblins (but I managed to kill a few of them, so dignity remained intact). 

My wife went climbing, so all evening I was very much on my own, with the wind blowing and the dodgy light fixture in the ceiling buzzing and the children at peace. Tomorrow, back to swimming again, and then I should be feeling fitter once more. 

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