Of brunch and things

Today we had brunch in the morning, and the girls behaved impeccably, which allowed me to eat a hipster-sized plate of avocado on toast.

I can’t fathom how they were so well behaved, as we didn’t start eating til 10 am, so they should have been demented with hunger. I guess having our friends’ ludicrously cute dog to pet must have helped them.

We had a birthday party to attend this afternoon and no present, so while my wife went off to Hamleys, I took the girls back home. I was feeling pretty tired so I bribed them with television, but miscalculated. It turns out while two episodes of Oomikazoomie will momentarily pacify them, it will then produce even greater umbrage when they’re denied a third. Well, La Serpiente was reduced to pointless raging; Destroyer just wandered off and did her own thing.

Eventually I consoled La Serpiente by reading her three different story books, but I was really, really tired and so I was trying to get a nap rather than entertain my children. My wife seemed to have vanished (Hamleys has closed in Singapore, sending her on a wild goose chase across the island for Lego) so I had more entertaining than I’d bargained for, and when she came home and offered me the choice of staying home rather than going to the party, I almost accepted.

I’m glad I didn’t, because not only was it nice to see the girls play in a amazing space (an art environment with a black hole all the kids could climb inside) but I also got to meet a vegan lady and swap tips about what food to eat here. So that’s also given me one extra person in Singapore to have lunch with. So that was good.

Not content with that, I then took the girls to the play area (running distraction while my wife shopped for nappies) and met two fathers to natter about politics for a while. Then I just had twelve minutes of high intensity aerobic exercise to do, and then went home to find my wife putting the kids to bed. A game of Blood Bowl on the computer (where I almost won, and had a 1-1 draw on the last turn of the game, after a frankly ridiculous set of turnovers) and then to bed. What a fine day.

2 thoughts on “Of brunch and things

  1. Kids’ hunger is a weird thing, I think it depends on how much they are growing. It took me years to get used to not cooking too much food just in case they were having a growth spurt that day. Also how excited they are about other things plays a major role, yes.
    That black hole sounds exciting! I can see that becoming one of those shared memories. Isabel says she doesn’t remember much before the age of twelve, but she remembers that alpacas and llamas have different shapes of ears. (I can’t remember any better memories she has off the top of my head at the moment.)

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