Of Bun-Bun And Things

Destroyer drew a picture of her favourite soft toy, a pink rabbit named Bun-Bun, along with Bun-Bun’s mother, on the kitchen whiteboard.

This was quite glorious. And interesting that while La Serpiente shows little interest in drawing, Destroyer is already getting pretty good at it. Who would have thought two people would have different aptitudes?

Today I bashed my way through quite a bit more work; I’ve broken the back of the emails from last week, and I also started to have productive meetings (or meetings where I’d ask fairly obvious questions and then there would be some prevarication and no proper answer, which are the kind of questions and meetings I really like). The girls refused to go cycling and instead made me go to the park and wrestle them, which I did until La Serpiente began to repeatedly slap me, and I had to send her home to reconsider her life choices.

What was the rest of the day like? It was hot, the sun shone, I grew feeble about 4:30 and had to take a ten minute nap. That’s a perk of being at home all day, when you suddenly feel tired and can take a moment to recharge. But perhaps that also means I need better ventilation in the upstairs sweatbox that is the office. Who’s to say?

I read the girls the first half of the first chapter of The Hobbit today. I wonder where this is going …

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  1. That’s a lovely picture, lots of detail and very eye catching.
    Apart from that you could probably sum up all posts with “It’s hot” at the moment.

  2. I think that’s a fantastic drawing. Well done Destroyer. I know it’s on a whiteboard, but would look good as a framed photo.

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