Of games and such

Last night we played a game of Gaslands with the girls, which they enjoyed a lot, although La Serpiente did weep when she thought she’d lost. An indicator of how much they liked it was that after I went to work this morning, they both carried on playing. Or maybe they just like toy cars an awful lot.
I’d promised them another game this evening, bit we got back too late. Cue howls of anguish, only extinguished when I got them to build a racetrack for tomorrow out of plastic tiles.

I had a Blood Bowl match tonight and so I had planned to get the girls down quickly, but my wife read them a book they hadn’t asked for and refused to read their choice, so again, more wailing and gnashing of teeth until she went back in there and relieved me.

And then I lost 1-0.

I’m really, really tired today and I don’t know why. I feel bloated and in need of exercise. Hopefully when we move to our new house this will improve. Apartment living, after 11 years, is something I seem to be done with.

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