Of grown up things

Today, after breakfast, I went to REI and bought a multitool, the larger, more brutalist cousin to the Swiss Army penknife. Now I can emulate my father, who used to play mumbletypeg with me when I was young.
Or at least, I think that was what it was called. We would take turns to throw a knife into the turf, and then you had to move your foot to that place, then throw the knife so your oppoenent had to move their foot wider, or fall over. Rinse and repeat. How this didn’t culminate in either or us getting stabbed in the foot, or why my father, an eminently sensible man, would play such a game with his youngest, is beyond me, but I’ll get Destroyer started on it immediately.

(The multitool, a lump of fifteen blades, screwdrivers and can openers, did come with a warning pamphlet pointing out the risk of being cut or stabbed, in case you didn’t realise knives could do that. Which is nice.)

Then I went to work and was productive for a while; I spoke to clients about things they need, I spoke to internal teams about things we should do, and then I did some things and viewed some training videos, and then went home, and continued to try to figure out what sort of house we want to buy.

So a simple day, nothing eventful…

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  1. Games with Swiss army penknives ? I think this is a good example of false memory syndrome. please do not try this at home. Suggest one requirement for your new house – no lawn ! This has not been verified by ADF

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