Of losses and draws

I had two losses and two draws today, but we won’t go into that now; I’ll save it for when the tournament is over. Today was a lot more fun than last year, even if I didn’t do great, because this time I had outcomes more in line with my expectations. And I didn’t have a red wine hangover. And I had an ice cream. And I had my wife to talk to between rounds.
I also managed to lose (I’ve no idea when) one of my little players, an unnumbered skeleton lineman, and though I searched the room I played in, there was no sign of it. I’ve got other players to spare for now, but I should go and get another one 3d printed and painted up. (Of course, the joy of painting an army of terracotta warriors is, well, different shades of brown aren’t too challenging. We will return, stronger.

I have two more matches to play tomorrow. I need to eat some more ice cream, and tonight I need to numb the pain of sitting in a chair for eight hours by watching some dreadful TV with my wife, but that’s no biggie.

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