Of minor annoyances

When I picked up my rental this weekend, the fuel tank was three quarters full and, as I was expecting to drive the kids up to Everett today for the children’s museum, I filled it up last night. Of course, the kids then refused to leave Ballard all day (including a weeping fit from La Serpiente because she had failed to eat enough breakfast to reach stability) so I wasted some number of dollars there.

Worse though is that the Toyota taunted me. Look at that fuel gauge, claiming the car was more than 100% full. Between that, the wet dog smell, the hard plastic steering wheel and the over complicated navigation system, I don’t like Toyotas. I wonder what sort of car I will end up with.

We did go to the beach (it was cold and wet) and to the supermarket (I had a sandwich) and I got to go climbing for a second time this weekend, so now I’m properly exhausted, just in time for the work week to begin. Bracing myself for a five day week…

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