Off to Perth again

We took a midday flight to Perth, on a budget airline, which meant lots of fun things like being able to buy a tray of reheated rice and lentils in the air for $20. Still, the flight was uneventful and it didn’t take us long to get through Customs and pick up our hire car.

Then it started raining

The last two times we’ve been to Perth, I’ve got an Audi to drive, which is nicely luxurious, and I also don’t have to look hard to find the parking brake release, or discover that the indicator and windscreen wiper levers are on the opposite sides of the steering wheel to any other car I’ve driven, and the windscreen doesn’t fog up so fast that I’m driving blindly on a dark wet road on a rainy night … Basically, Audis make driving too easy and I should be glad I got a Toyota Camry this time around

Plus La Serpiente found a new joy in repeating everything the navigation system said, and then opening the windows of the car, until I was nearly grinding my teeth to powder with frustration. Which was a nice start to the holiday.

The drive from airport to our serviced apartment was very easy – just 20 km with hardly a turn to make. I dropped off everyone, went out and purchased hipster hotdogs from Run Amok, came back, ate mine too fast and then had to try to put the kids down (having to contend with Destroyer, who gets in an utter rage at the drop of a hat right now) but at least everyone was exhausted and went to sleep fast

Tomorrow, we drive to Margaret River. Then more madness ensues.

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