Off to the store

It was a bright, sunny day today and we were running low on groceries. My wife walked down to the supermarket and shopped, and then I took the girls down after her, La Serpiente on her bike and Destroyer on the back of mine.
After worrying that not having a car was a bad idea in these troubled times, it turns out that we can still do most of what we need to without. The bike could do with more than one pannier (I transported all the refrigerated foods, and a bottle of wine and a kilo of flour, but my wife still had to traipse back with some larger, lighter things) and I need to lube the chain because it’s starting to make unhappy rattling noises, but otherwise it went without a hitch.

I did worry, stood in the car park waiting for my wife to come out, what was going on though. An angry man with a pogo stick was shouting at the air, and eventually one of the supermarket staff came out to tell him he couldn’t ask other customers to buy booze for him. I wonder what story lay behind that.

But on we go. In the afternoon I fell asleep, exhausted. Later, La Serpiente showed off her aptitude for the unicycle some more, and I tried to stand on my head. Typical day, really.

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