On the run again

To raise money for the school, the PTA had organised a jog a thon, where all the kids would run laps around the school. As I had today off, I could accompany them, so first I stood on the corner and cheered as La Serpiente ran past, and then when it was Destroyer’s turn, I figured she might need some extra encouragement from me, so I ran alongside her.
Because I volunteered to help tabulate the results, I could see that my little kindergartener ran more laps of the school (6) than quite a few grade 1 and 2 kids. It must be all those forced marches we take her on that builds her indomitable spirit. La Serpiente did 9 laps in two separate efforts, another creditable effort, and then we went for ice cream before going back to the house to see if it was still there or not. (It is, at least for now…)

Destroyer also got her class’s vote for their humanitarian award, which is for the child who’s kindest to the others. We were gratified to find this out, although we missed it being announced at school assembly today because I was off my game and unwittingly let the kids skive off in the morning after their first class. One more week of school remains before they can no longer put that over on me.

I read them a few more chapters of The Silver Chair; we’re perilously close to The Last Battle now, and then with that out the way I can start them on Kafka / Stephen King / something else age appropriate…

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  1. James we’re so proud of serpiente’s and destroyer’s jogging efforts. And a huge congratulations for her humanitarian award. xx

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