On to the end of the week

Once again, I slept badly last night – I don’t remember having one good night’s sleep this week, and that has terrible impact on my state of mind in the daytime. On top of that, stressed with complicated work I found most of today quite the drudge… Ah well.

I was having a better day than somebody though. I drove the car down to get it charged, had a chat with a Leaf driver parked next to me who’s getting an Ioniq 5 in a month, then went to the supermarket to buy the girls candy as a reward for coming with me.

When I got back, the Leaf driver was on the phone to Electrify America support because the charging cable wouldn’t disengage from his car after charging, so he was stuck to it until they could figure out the technical issue. I’m glad we didn’t have that to contend with.

Drove home, finished the Restaurant at the End Of The Universe to the kids (the last four chapters are hard going, honestly) and then grumpily put them to bed, two more hours of work and a game of Blood Bowl. Time now to sleep.

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