One more farewell

This evening we went to Potatohead for a last, last farewell drink. I had a burger, drank an entirely out of character rum and coke, had three beers, and then we went home. Life is strange, eh?

Today we gave back the keys to the flat. This is the first time in seven years we’ve had no keys to a place we live. Madder than that, we arrived in Singapore with no children. More than half a decade later, we depart with lots of stuff, and I’m much drunker than when I arrived. We’ll, I was sober the day I landed, I think.

No more subway sandwiches for me though. Where will it end?

After school today, I took the girls swimming. They’re really good now, and I’m not incompetent either any more, which is pleasing. Some growth for us all, even as I revert to Games Workshop games from a quarter century ago. And on, and on and on to the end of the night.

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