One of the three Rs

Every day, La Serpiente has to write five sentences. It surprises me that while she loves to read, my daughter struggles to much to write.
Today was no exception. She chose to write about dogs, and rather than take ten minutes we had over half an hour, culminating in tears and sobbing. She kept demanding to have a snack (she’d just eaten) and kept trying to get up, and seemed to not be able to focus at all.

I felt quite cruel, but the problems are two fold: we can’t let La Serpiente learn that it’s ok to not make an effort and get through things, but we also can’t stress her out too much and have her associate negative feelings with her work. But it’s also frustrating that while she’s so talkative and creative (she wrote a song about a bird and sang it to her class this morning) that she can’t get through the challenge of being able to form sentences.

So, on to the weekend…

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